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What we Offer

30+ skill sets

We have top talents across engineering, design, marketing and product; and we connect them to businesses and individuals looking to start a project. Our talents are skilled in a variety of hard and soft skills, allowing them to fit seamlessly into your company’s culture.

Recruitment and Outsourcing

You can either employ a full time team member, whole team or choose to outsource some of your business activities to us while you focus on your core business operations. We are comfortable with whatever helps you succeed.

Temporary Staff

Onboard new staff with Zero Risk! We allow talents to join your team for a month temporarily so you can evaluate their performance before choosing to offer them a contract.

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Why choose Top Talent Africa

what sidehustle offers

Trained and vetted talents

Every talent in our pool has gone through our rigorous training program consisting of a series of tests, internship, soft skills training and bootcamp ensuring that they are ready to take on your projects and deliver excellently.

what sidehustle offers

Reduce Overhead

Reduce costs in areas such as recruitment, outsourcing, employee continuous learning and development, and management by up to 80% by letting our team handle everything so you can focus on core business operations.

what sidehustle offers

Hire Quickly

You can hire under 48 hours, we have over 5,000 talents in our talent pool and a simple process to help you solve your hiring needs immediately.

what sidehustle offers

Commitment to success

We want you to succeed, so we work hard to ensure that every talent you hire plays a major role in ensuring that happens. All of our hiring partners also enjoy a simple onboarding experience and 100% support from our team.


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Join the
Side Hustle internship

Begin by applying for the Side Hustle internship. This is where you will acquire both soft and hard skills, as well as how to improve them, through a mentor-led program.

join the sidehustle internship
Ensure you participate
in the bootcamp

This is where you form teams and take on real life tasks to prepare you for tasks in the talent pool.

join the sidehustle internship
Apply for the Side Hustle
talent pool

You'll be given a series of exams and tasks to complete in order to prove your eligibility for the Top Talent Africa talent pool.

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